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April 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

The “Sushi Girl” Sushi Burrito

Ever wonder what would happen if the two worlds of Japan and Mexico collided? You would get the delectable Sushi Burrito! Not only is this meal delicious but it is a great way to learn the basics of sushi roll making and a culinary experience you will never forget!Click Here To Download The Instructions On How To Make The Sushi Burrito At Home. PDF Instructions

“Hawaii Breakfast” (Cold Brew Coffee & Mac Nut Milk)

We’ve given cold brew coffee and lattes a new Hawaiian spin! Instead of regular cow milk, you’ll learn how to make and add a mac nut milk. You will be surprised at how creamy and delicious the result is…especially with the cold brew technique you’ll learn. PDF Instructions

Sea Curls

Ever wonder how you can get that look of sea tousled hair? It may be easier than you think, and with what you’re about to learn, it won’t cost you $25 like the salon charges. PDF Instructions

Breadfruit Banana Cake

Breadfruit is a staple in the Pacific islands. But the only way we can get it in the north is dried and powdered into a flour…and this Breadfruit flour is a great gluten free, tasty and unique option for baking and beyond . Get ready for a delicious recipe that highlights breadfruit flour and shows you the best way to get it. PDF Instructions