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April 2017 Healthy Home Workshop

Garden. Pretty.

Learn how to make beautiful hanging gardens with inexpensive zip-ties and simple clay pots and find out why time spent in nature is my favorite healthy home hack. PDF Instructions

Spring On The Strawberries.

Come along with me and explore one of the world’s most delicious fruits – the strawberry. We’ll learn about this berry’s bounty of health benefits, try out a delicious sugar-free jam recipe, and learn how to make a super simple DIY vertical strawberry tower – just in time for April’s berry planting season.  PDF Instructions

Get Floored.

Did you know traditional furniture and traditionally designed homes often contribute to poor health? In this workshop I’ll share my secrets to better posture, tighter muscles, and why my family spends plenty of time on the floor.  PDF Instructions

Put Your Hard-boiled Easter Eggs To Healthy Use.

This year, instead of letting your colored Easter eggs go to waste, eat them. In this workshop I’ll help you boost your health and delight your taste buds with my favorite flavorful, low-carb, and healthy fat fat burning egg salad and spread recipes.  PDF Instructions