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week of 10/12 workouts

Mon: Morning: 1 hour Bikram yoga Afternoon: 1 hour boxing class Tue: Wetsuit workout: submerge in water, climb out, kettlebell

week of 10/4 workouts

Monday: 30 min yoga, 60 min swim and sauna routine Tuesday: 30 minute amrap of rope, sandbag carry, burpees. 30

Week of 10/4 workouts

Since Sunday sprint I have been traveling a ton but here we go: Monday: 30 min yoga, 60 min swim

week of Sep 27 workouts

Sun: Morning: woke up and did tough 4 mile tempo mix of trails and roads outside my house. Followed it

week of 8/16 workouts

Sun: 90 minute mountain bike ride finished with 15 minutes infrared sauna yoga. Mon: Hypoxic training: 12 high tempo intervals

workouts for week of 8/9

Sun: Church camp: easy 60 minute trail run 30 minutes infrared sauna yoga. Mon: 30 minutes infrared sauna yoga. Run

week of 8/2 workouts

Sun: Morning: 30 minutes foam rolling with TrainingMask Afternoon: 1 mile Lydiard pace with hypoxico, 2x sandbag carries for six

week of 7/19

Sun: Did a half hour circuit at nearby park of grip work on pullup bar, planking, burpees and a short

week of 7/12 workouts

Sun:  Spartan Race Mon: 60 minutes yoga, 30 minutes easy cold water swim Tue: On treadmill, 1 minute medium, 45

Week of 6/21 Workouts