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04/17, 04/18, 04/19 Workouts

04/17: Morning: 30 infrared sauna with cold soak Evening: 10 rounds of 1 minute battle rope, 30s treadmill sprint, 30s

week of 04/16/17 Workouts

This week I shot a reality TV show for NBC. This meant LOTS of time inside my hotel room. So

04/07 and 04/08 Workouts

04/07 Roadtrip day back from fishing trip! Stopped every 50 miles for 500 jumping jacks, then 30 minutes sauna upon

04/02/17 to 04/04/17 Workouts

04/02: Morning: 90 minute walk with deep nasal breathing and breath holds 04/03: Morning: 30 minutes on obstacle course Afternoon:

03/31 and 04/01 Workouts

03/31 Morning: -30 brisk walk Afternoon: -60 minute walk with 1 minute sprint every 4 minutes 04/01 Morning: -30 yoga

Week of 3/23-3/29 Workouts

Still traveling a ton! Here's how it broke down (as I was at conference): Every morning: Sauna and cold plunge

03/21 and 03/22/2017 Workouts

Morning: 30 minutes infrared sauna and cold plunge Afternoon: Obstacle course Р two rounds: -run down driveway -traverse wall 1

Week of 03/12/2017 Workouts

Spent the entire week on vacation in the Bahamas with the family. So how do I exercise when at the

03/10/17 Workouts

Morning: Easy 30 minute walk with deep nasal breathing and breath holds Afternoon: 4 rounds of: 2 min elliptical 10

03/09/17 Workout

Morning: 30 minutes infrared sauna with yoga and cold plunge Afternoon: 4 Rounds of: – 1 Mile Treadmill – 500M