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03/08/17 Workouts

Morning: Easy sunshine walk Afternoon: Warmup:  full shoulder set on band 30 burpees + 1/8-1/4 mile run  Static Holds/Core/Positions 45

03/06/2017 Workouts

Morning: Easy walk in the sunshine for an hour while making phone calls. Afternoon: 4 rounds of: 1 mile nasal

03/06/2017 Workouts

Had skipped any hard intervals for about a week so tough day of interval training today: Morning: 3 rounds of:

entire week of 2/25-3/5

56 miles of trekking, bear crawling, hiking, walking, sprinting and swimming during an entire week of fishing and hunting in

02/23 and 02/24/17 Workouts

Off days! Total of 2 hours easy sunshine walking with nasal breathing and about 30 min yoga.

02/21/17 Workouts

Morning: Infrared sauna 30 min with cold plunge Afternoon: 10m treadmill tempo 2x75lb Farmer Walk 30 feet sideways band extension

02/20/17 Workouts

Morning: 3 rounds of: 5x60s bike 30KB swings 100m Vasatrainer 10 Reverse Hyperextensions 15 Horizontal Pullups Afternoon: Warmup:  full shoulder

02/18/17 and 02/19/17 Workouts

02/18/17 Morning: 30 minute sauna yoga with cold soak Afternoon: 1 hour easy walk with nasal breathing and breath holds

02/17/17 Workouts

Morning: 30 minute walk with deep nasal breathing and breath holds Afternoon: Warmup:  full shoulder set on band horizontal raises

02/16/17 Workouts

Morning: Sauna, dry skin brushing, cold plunge Afternoon: 800m uphill treadmill at 3.5 speed / 20% incline to: 12 heavy