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February 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

Why You Need To Ferment Your Lemons

You can add a whole new dimension of flavor to any of your dishes with a simple ferment, and you’ll be absolutely shocked at what happens when you ferment your lemons! Not only will you be able brighten any dish on the face of the planet, but this technique also adds a touch of probiotics to any meal. PDF Instructions

Balancing Your pH with Lemons

The body’s pH is a critical aspect of health and longevity. Although lemons are acidic, they have a significant ability to alkalinize the body. Incredible! get ready to learn how to easily include lemons into your daily habits to achieve a balanced pH. PDF Instructions

Cleaning With Lemons

Lemons in the kitchen aren’t just for eating. You’re going to discover how helpful this sunny little fruit can be in kitchen clean up. Lemons can freshen things up, sterilize counter tops, add shimmer and shine, and much more. PDF Instructions

The Mighty Lemon Essential Oil

One essential oil that gets overlooked quite a bit is lemon essential oil. people who do know about it think that it’s just for digestion but that’s far from the truth. Lemon essential oil is one of the most versatile and powerful essential oils, and easy to use. Discover how this oil can improve your mood, digestion, complexion, cleanliness, hygiene and more! PDF Instructions