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February 2017 Healthy Home Workshop

The Food Lovers “Kitchari” Cleanse

Learn how to cleanse and balance your body with a delicious, satisfying, slow cooked, and whole foods based soup. If you love to cook, love to eat fresh foods, and want to kick off February with love from the inside out, then Kitchari is for you!  PDF Instructions

Get A Total Body Glow With Ghee

Let me show you how easy it is to make a browned nutty delight from a simple stick of butter. Ghee is a scrumptious alternative to traditional butter that gives your insides and your outsides a beautiful nourished glow! Best yet, it’s lactose and casein- free.  PDF Instructions

Ayurvedic “Abhyanga” Oil Massage

Get ready to love your body and balance your energy with an ancient practice called “Abhyanga”. I’ll show you how to use simple self oil massage to activate and nourish the entire body, decrease the effects of aging, lubricate the joints, increase circulation, enhance sleep, and much more!  PDF Instructions

Find Your Passion For Pau D’ Arco Bark Milk

Yep, we’re going to brew up some bark! Pau D’Arco tree bark tea, from the Peruvian jungles, is nourishing, healing, energy boosting, and easily blends into a delicious bark milk. Stick around as I teach you about this special tea and how to prepare it Ben’s favorite way.  PDF Instructions