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January 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

Hidden Health Disruptors In Hot Beverages (And What To Do About It)

Many times those yummy (and “healthy”) hot beverages you order at coffeeshops or make in your kitchen are loaded with sugar and many other nasty ingredients that fly under the radar. Instead of paying a small fortune for your beverages and then regretting all the empty calories and hidden health disruptors, you’re about to discover sugar-free, healthy, inexpensive versions you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, with no more guilt about too much sugar, too much money and too many hidden ingredients. PDF Instructions

Defy Dry Skin!

Cold winters, cold water, chlorine and more equals dry skin. So you’re about to get some proven tactics that guard yourself against ugly, uncomfortable, split, dry skin. While you’re at it, you’ll also learn some easy recipes on how to make rich moisturizers that naturally rejuvenate, repair and restore your skin. PDF Instructions

How To Upgrade Your Life With A Vision Board

Vision boards are super helpful when it comes to keeping goals and taking your life to the next leel. The vision board you are about to discover takes this a step furthe, not only inspiring you to go out and capture your goals and dreams fast, but also making you feel good about yourself because you “up-cycle” (don’t worry, you’ll learn what it means!) instead of creating more waste. PDF Instructions

Prep Day For Kids

With the New Year comes new resolutions, right? One of my newest resolutions is to keep my family healthy and teach my children at the same time by having a highly efficient kitchen “prep day”. Learn how to recruit your kids (or loved ones) to make them a fun part of prep day process, take hours and hours off weekly meal prep time, and ensure your kids grow up with amazing meal prep habits we all wished we’d learned when we were young! PDF Instructions