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July 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

How To Eat Watermelon Rind

Watermelon is a staple in the pantry all summer long. But did you know that most the nutrients are in the rind of the watermelon? Pickling your watermelon rind is easy and a delicious way to enjoy the most nutritious part of the watermelon. Quit throwing the rind out and make it good for you! PDF Instructions

DIY Pebble Mat Therapy For Your Feet

Caring for your whole body also includes paying attention to your feet and your posture. Your feet are literally the platform that your body rests on and one of the best ways of stretching and building muscle in our feet is with an easy-to-make pebble mat you can stand on at your desk or anywhere else! PDF Instructions

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Brown and green glass bottles are the least accepted glasses at the recycled center, but one way of re-using your wine bottles is to turn them into tiki torches. This is a quick and easy craft that can light your summer outdoor parties all season long, and can also limit your artifical light exposure at night. PDF Instructions

Yarrow: A Modern And Mythological Medicinal Herb

Yarrow has roots that go far back into ancient medicine for an array of ailments from fevers to wounds to insect repellant and beyond. Discover this very common wild herb that grows in the summer and has tremendous use in the winter. PDF Instructions