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June 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

From Starter To Loaf

Last month, you discovered how to grow your own starter for sourdough. This month, you’ll learn how to easily make a loaf of sourdough bread and how to feed your starter so that you can keep the magic of truly healthy, ancestral bread going for years to come. PDF Instructions

River and Terran’s Paleo Cricket Shiritaki Pad Thai

This past mont, River and Terran had the opportunity to present an incredibly unique recipe at PaleoFX: Cricket Shiritaki Pad Thai. This video will show you the exact, entertaining step-by-step process of making your own Cricket Pad Thai – by the one and only River and Terran Greenfield. Enjoy (perfect for kids in the kitchen too!)
PDF Instructions

Stronger, Taller Tomato Cages

How annoying are those wimpy tomato cages found at all garden centers? They are truly a waste of money. That is why we have made it a personal mission to find a stronger alternative, and are now teaching you how to easily construct an inexpensive, PVC pipe tomato cage that will keep your tomato plants upright and will last many many growing seasons. PDF Instructions

Worm Tea

Worm tea is mother nature’s most potent organic fertilizer. It is a snap to make and can be applied to veggies, flowers and even your lawn. So get brewing with worm tea and see your plants grow to greater heights! PDF Instructions