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March 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

Rethinking The Traditional Easter Ham

Ham (alongside lamb) take center stage at most Easter dinners. But rather than buying a cured ham this year, you should definitely try buying a fresh leg of pork…skin on. Not only will you find this to be extremely moist and delicious, but it is free of a lot of the carcinogens that inevitably come with store bought hams. PDF Instructions

Force Spring By Forcing Bulbs

There is that window of time between winter and spring that is just muddy and cold. Instead of simply enduring this time by gritting your teeth, you can make spring appear in your home by forcing spring bulbs. It is so simple, just the thing to get you through the grey months, and you’re about to learn how. PDF Instructions

Dry Brushing For Anti-Aging

Dry brushing the body is often talked about and rightfully so…it is a great way to detox, firm and improve skin health. Dry brushing your face is something that isn’t talked about much, but you can get all these same anti-aging benefits when you apply dry brushing into your facial routine, and you’re about to learn how. PDF Instructions

How To Naturally Dye Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and, of course, there will be lots of egg dying, especially if you like to make colorful eggs with your kids. Unfortunately, dyes bought in the store are full of chemicals and dyes that disrupt our bodies. You’re about to discover how to dye eggs with common household ingredients that are toxin free! PDF Instructions