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March 2017 Healthy Home Workshop

Properly Planted Potatoes

Join me as I walk you through my tips, tricks, and planting routines for growing bountiful delicious potatoes both in your garden and indoors. PDF Instructions

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day With DIY Dirt

In this fun workshop I’ll teach you how to thoughtfully combine natural ingredients to make your own nourishing pH balanced potting soil for all of your delicate spring seedlings.  PDF Instructions

Go Green To Grow Seeds

Learn how to make 100% biodegradable seedling pots made from nothing but recycled newspapers. If you’re looking for an easy, kiddo friendly, and no-cost project, this is the one!  PDF Instructions

Planters That Rock

Hey friends, it’s time to master the art of DIY cement planters. In this workshop we’ll make super chic poured concrete planters for our homes, our gardens, and for others. Take notes, this is a workshop you’ll never want to forget.  PDF Instructions