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May 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

The Perpetual Mother’s Day Gift You’ve Never Heard Of

There is nothing more a mother loves more than a gift hand-made by the very hands of her own children. You’ll discover a Mother’s Day gift that little ones can get involved with – a Morning Glory Teepee that will grow and flourish all summer long. PDF Instructions

Spring Inspired Mouth-Watering Cuisine

Every season has it’s signature veggies. Spring brings you peas, beets, cabbage, and all kinds of lettuce, asparagus, radishes. Jessa has personally comprised three unique and delicious recipes that celebrate each! PDF Instructions

Worm Tower Condo How-To

Here in the Greenfield house, we like to call them “worm condos” but the correct name is worm towers. Worm towers are a unique way of implementing compositing into your raised beds. The thing we love about these worm condos is that instead of you having to harvest the worm juice or castings, the worms do all the hard work. You simply just feed them your kitchen scraps for their services. PDF Instructions

Starting a Sourdough Starter

There was a murder in the Greenfield home. No one has confessed. Somehow my sourdough start ended up in the freezer! (Ben?) Not to worry, though! In this video, I will show you just how easy it is to start your own sourdough starter in simply 5 days time, with no need for the traditional 100 year old starts. PDF Instructions