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May 2017 Healthy Home Workshop

Build a Better Brunch

Are you ready to replace bagels and coffee cakes with delicious, nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, and low carbohydrate brunch fare? If so, come along with me and we’ll build a scrumptious health supportive brunch menu sure to please Mom and your most discerning guests. PDF Instructions

Guilt-Free Cocktails

In this tutorial we’ll be keeping it real. Yep, we’ll be discussing just how alcohol can be enjoyed without taxing our health or our waistline. I’ll share my top low calorie picks and teach you how to tweak traditional high calorie favorites into yummy lower calorie versions to better support your health.  PDF Instructions

Backyard Obstacle Courses

The days of backyard boredom are over! In this tutorial I’ll share my simple tips and creative ideas for putting together a safe, fun, and physically challenging backyard obstacle course. After this lesson you’ll have all the tools you need to create your own unique backyard obstacle course – sure to provide a summer of intense family fun. PDF Instructions

Edible Herbal Bouquets

Why not give bouquets that do more than just look beautiful? In this fun and educational tutorial I’ll teach you how to arrange stunning and delicious tasting bouquets using edible stems, buds, flowers, and stalks. Take a walk through the garden with me and learn just how tasty bouquets can truly be.  PDF Instructions