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Coffee Enemas: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid To Ask

In this webinar with Ben Greenfield, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about coffee enemas – including the best equipment, how to do it, why do it, what to expect, how often to do it, and much more!

Your colon today has it pretty rough. Whether from the stress of a hurried lifestyle, consumption of poor quality and highly processed foods like sweets and sugars that feed harmful organisms, inadequate levels of digestive enzymes that send partially digested proteins and starches to the colon where they ferment and rot, overuse of antibiotics which destroy intestinal flora, or simply failing to empty the bowels when nature calls, the colon is the organ of the body most in need of serious attentive healing.

Though eating well, taking supplements and keeping active are certainly key in maintaining a healthy body, a more direct and effective way to target colon health is to do routine coffee enemas. Though some may be all too quick to dismiss the treatment due to personal sensitivities or thinking it’s “really weird”, the steady increase of gastrointestinal illnesses and digestive disorders would seem to demand that it’s high time we get comfortable with the processes of our own internal plumbing.