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October 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

Pumpkins & Power Tools: Simply and Beautifully Made Jack-O-Lanterns and Autumn Pumpkin Luminarias

In this Healthy Home Workshop you will learn everything you need to know about designing and power tooling your way to outrageously beautiful Halloween jack-o-lanterns and elegant autumnal pumpkin lanterns. This is the simple “how to” and, yes, ladies you too can use simple power tools, they’re not just for men! Come along and let me show you how to put your creativity and power tools to great use. PDF Instructions

Natural Face Masks: Beautify Your Face With Ghoulish Egg, Avocado, Clay, and Charcoal

This year let’s make Halloween healthy for your face! In this Healthy Home Workshop I’m going to show you exactly how you can replace traditional chemical laden face masks with 100% natural face masks. You will learn all the tips and recipes needed to make the most soothing and toning face masks with minimal ingredients. Get ready to treat your skin with all my simple face mask tricks! PDF Instructions

Autumn Apple Chutney & Toasted Curry, Sriracha, Chili Lime, and Taco Flavored Pumpkin Seeds

Are you ready for some scrumptious autumn treats? I’ve been shaking up my kitchen developing an out of this world autumn apple chutney and delicious toasted variations of the humble pumpkin seed that you must try. Not only are these recipes simple and quick, but they’re also healthy for the whole family. So grab your kiddos and let’s all get cookin’! PDF Instructions

Simple Ways To Organize Your Pantry For The Winter & Keep It Looking Good

Does your pantry remind you more of a disaster area than an invitation to culinary creations? In this Healthy Home Workshop I’m going to share my favorite, simple, and super low cost pantry organization tips so that you can go from pantry clutter to pantry heaven. You’ll walk away knowing what to use and how to get your pantry neat and beautiful before the holiday season comes. PDF Instructions