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September 2016 Healthy Home Workshop

Lunches Made Healthy

Are you ready to make your kiddo’s lunches the tastiest and healthiest possible, all the while keeping your life stress free? In this article I teach you how to make creative lunch combos that support and nourish active bodies and that your kiddos will love to devour. These tips and recipes will revolutionize the way you think about making and packing lunches, save you time, and reduce the stress often associated with throwing lunches together in the morning. PDF Instructions

No Brainer Brain Foods

This is the easy, breezy “bomb” of all things brain foods. In this bit you will learn what to prepare for your kids to optimally nourish their developing brain, how to use brain foods to balance blood sugar and what to do with a can of sardines. Your brain is gonna’ thank you for this one! PDF Instructions

Never Buy a Bag Again

Why buy Baggies when there are way too many plastic bags, paper products, cans and other random containers cluttering the home? In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to use almost every bag and container that lands in your kitchen and how to reuse some, how to wash others, and how to simply think outside of the Ziploc. PDF Instructions

Putting It All Together

In this article I teach you how to plan, prep, and prepare foods that make healthy lunches super easy and how to combine my tips to make healthy lunches a stress free part of your everyday routine. You will learn how to make a game plan that suits your lifestyle and how to get a heads start on busy school mornings. PDF Instructions