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Lose Weight, Look Younger, Have Better Sex, Detox Your Body & Break Through All Your Plateaus…

“At Last… A Complete Solution to To Re-Invent Your Life, Transform Your Home, Change Your Body & Improve Your Life’s Quality Forever – Even If You’re Just Getting Started With Healthy Living…”

The Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle is a practical and revolutionary new way to teach you how to completely transform your household into a healthy environment for you and your family, how to turn your body into a toxin-free, perfectly functioning system, how to vastly reduce medical bills and grocery expenses, and how to have smart and healthy kids – all on a realistic budget!

You see, when our kids were born, we made the decision to completely reinvent our lifestyle. Sure, we were already relatively healthy and we exercised and didn’t eat much junk food, but we decided to take things to an entirely new level, just to see what happened.

So we detoxed our diet, figuring out how to eat tasty, healthy meals on a budget while stripping out potentially inflammatory compounds like grains and dairy.

We went all natural with our personal care, learning how to make our own healthy and inexpensive sunscreen, cleaning supplies, toothpaste and more.

We totally transformed our kitchen, finding tons of substitutes for common harmful fillers like sugar and flour.

As a matter of fact, we’re now doing things we would have completely laughed at 2 years ago, and in the process, we’ve realized how easy and how cheap being truly healthy can be. Our bodies went from good to great, our medical bills plummeted, our children received health scores that were off the charts, our productivity went through the roof, we suddenly never had to worry about weight or energy levels, and life became much more enjoyable.

But we’re not “dirty hippies” living up on a mountain somewhere. We’re totally normal people.

We live in a little rancher house in the suburbs of a mid-sized town of Washington state.

Our grocery budget is totally realistic, and actually lower than most of our friends.

We rarely shop at special organic stores or spendy co-ops.

The fact is, we’ve learned how to live healthy and how to do it in a typical community with access to average, everyday groceries and household supplies.

And in the Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, we teach you these exact strategies. As a matter of fact…

Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Secrets You’ll Discover Inside the Inner Circle…

Learn Instant & Easy Recipes For Common Unhealthy Ingredients

Asparatame. Acesulfame potassium. Sucralose. Magnesium Stearate. The list goes on and on. Even in “healthy” cookbooks and recipe websites, the number of chemical compounds that can do serious long term damage to your body is mind-blowing. Inside the Inner Circle, we don’t teach that you need to live your life “inside a bubble”, constantly worrying about every tiny little thing that goes into your body. But we do teach you exactly what to have in your cupboards for fast, easy and instant substitutions whenever you have to grab them and we teach you how to decide when and where to use substitutes, and when you don’t need to worry about it.

Find New Ways To Detox Your House & Body Without Buying Expensive Organic Cleaning Supplies or Personal Care Products

With so many environmental pollutants launching an attack on your body when you step inside a mall, gym, bus, airplane, church or public restroom, it make sense to make changes in the one place you have complete control over what your skin and lungs get exposed to…your home. Making your own cleaning and personal care supplies or choosing wisely from the huge and confusing range of choices out there is a key skill that you’ll learn inside the Inner Circle. From shampoos and suncreens to disinfectants and shampoo cleaners, we’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to protect you and your family inside your home.

Get Exact Meal Plans That Are Simple & Proven – For The Whole Family

Inside the Inner Circle, we reveal the exact healthy meal plans and recipes that we’ve found to be 100% easy-to-implement and tasty. As we discover, learn and experiment with new items, we share them with you. If you don’t want to think about breakfast, lunch and dinner – that’s OK! Just grab what we give you and use it, or use what we teach you to make your own creative twists. You’ll have full 24-7 access to Ben, a nationally respected nutritionist and nutrition author, to help you along the way.

Discover Fast & Healthy Snack Options For You Or Your Kids

It just doesn’t make sense for you to fret and care about what you put into your own body, but let your kid’s nutrition slip by unnoticed because they have “high metabolisms” or are somehow bulletproof to junk food or meal compromises. The reality is that the most important time in a human being’s life is when the bone, brains, and muscles are growing at a rapid rate – and that is no more true than in a kid’s body! We’ll teach you how to make sure your kids get all the fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need, and help you ensure that they completely enjoy and savor the process. No more fighting food choice at the table or eating something different than the kids every night. In the Inner Circle, you’ll learn exactly what to do with your family meal planning and snack options, whether it’s at dinner or after a basketball or soccer game.

Get Fat-Loss Workout Tricks That You Can Squeeze Into a Busy Day

For a busy parent or working professional who cares about their body, it can be tough to get a workout in. Your secret little bonus inside the Inner Circle is that the top fitness professional and #1 personal trainer in the nation is inside interacting with you every day and giving you full access to his videos, workouts, Body Transformation Club, and much more. There is no rapid fat loss trick that Ben Greenfield does not know, and as a part of our Inner Circle family, you’ll get instant access to everything you need for getting a lean, toned body, flat stomach, hard butt, and more!

Safely Reduce Your Medical Bills & Health Expenses

Believe it or not, it’s not normal for kids to be constantly sniffling or for you to be constantly headed to the physician for check-ups or tests. Western medicine has failed us in many respects, and preventive care has fallen by the wayside. Even if you’re stuck in a health care rut and already doing the “same old thing” when it comes to your health, medical care, and those annoying medical bills, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about reducing your medical expenses and getting sick less. We’ll even walk you through the process of doing things like starting health savings accounts, getting high deductible insurances, and stocking your home with tons of proven remedies that will keep you from having to go to the doctor every month! Get ready to completely change the way you think about your health.

Learn How To Naturally Build A Better Body, Skin, Hair & Nails

If you have acne, dry hair, cellulite, unsightly lumps of fat, flaky skin, eczema, low energy, slumps of annoying fatigue in the morning, afternoon or evening, or any other sign that your body is not operating the way it is supposed to, we will help you in the Inner Circle. If you’ve heard Ben Greenfield’s podcast or read the articles on the website, you know that it’s possible to live life and have energy in a way that you never thought possible, and have a body that matches the way you feel! But it can be confusing to know where to start. So we’ll teach you the right tests, the right supplements and the right lifestyle patterns to ensure you have a better body, skin, hair, nails, energy levels, and much, much more. Your friends will wonder what happened to you!

Unlock Instant Access to a Community of Support & Expert Advice

Inside the Inner Circle, you don’t just have access to us. Instead, you’re surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who are all trying to achieve the same results as you and your family. Research shows that when it comes to your health, if you’re a “lone wolf”, you won’t last long. But here, you will find that everyone respects what you are trying to do, encourages you along the way, shares with you their tips and tricks, and dishes out practical advice that is easy to understand. You’ll make new friends and learn concepts from your peers in a supportive and trustworthy environment.


But That’s Not All…Because We’re Also Including the Following Exclusive Bonuses to You…

Live Monthly Video Webinar

Every single month, we will give you access to a secret page where you can interact with us via live video and get all your questions answered in real time. You’ll also get full viewing and download access to the video broadcast after the webinar, so that you can digest it on your own time, take notes, or watch later on your phone or computer. Our video broadcasts are set-up so that you can watch them live from your phone or computer, and chat in real time with us during each live video webinar!

24-7 Q&A Forum Access

Every day, inside the Inner Circle forum, we sit down and take the time to respond to your questions, encourage you, provide you with direction, and share inspiration and education with you. Whether you need tips on cooking, meal plan modifications, quick workout tips, how to eat when you’re headed on vacation, cleaning conundrums, children and lifestyle issues, or anything else, we’re here to help. We know it can be a “taboo” subject, but we’re not afraid to talk about sex inside the Inner Circle forum too. If it falls inside a lifestyle category, we’ll help you (and yes, it is possible to “lock” access to certain topics if you don’t want your kids reading).

Monthly “Inner Circle Bonus Guide” Download

On your Inner Circle “Member Dashboard”, you’ll get a bonus guide each month. From workouts to meal plans to family raising and education tips, every guide will be jam-packed with valuable and practical fitness, nutrition, health, and lifestyle information that you can immediately implement or save for later. When you’re inside the Inner Circle, you’ll have access to all past and future Inner Circle Bonus Guide materials.

Free Copy of Ben’s Book “100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism”

100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

When you join the Inner Circle, the first thing that happens is we sit down and send you instant digital access to Ben Greenfield’s calorie-burning guide: “100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism”. This is a perfect accompaniment to your Inner Circle access, and will teach you simple diet, exercise and lifestyle tricks that will trick your body into burn calories like a wildfire. This book is very easy-to-read, and we guarantee you’ll be sharing the amazingly easy and impressive tips with your friends as you discover new secrets on each page.

And Even More…

Full Access to Future & Past Archives of Ben’s “Body Transformation Club

Ben's Body Transformation Club

Every week, Ben sits down and creates a new secret section of the website that features an exclusive workout for beginner to advanced levels, along with a weekly nutrition tip, recipe or new meal plan. Wherever he goes, he travels with his video camera, then releases these new videos (screenshot to the right) inside the secret section. He calls it his “Body Transformation Club”, and while access to this section normally requires a special membership, when you’re inside the Inner Circle, you’ll get full access to all the Body Transformation Club modules for free…

and here are just a few examples of exactly what is revealed inside the Body Transformation Club…

Module #1: juicing, body weight squat training, breakfast cereal labels, and more….

Module #2: coconut water, “Tabata” training, Miracle Noodles, and more…

Module #3: high protein waffles, healthy hotel breakfasts, getting a better butt part 1, and more…

Module #4: Corkscrew exercise variations, energy drinks, shopping for under $1 a pound, and more….

Module #5: vegan meal plan, getting adequate protein, “Hurricane” workouts, and more…

Module #6: flax crackers, “Superset” training, Vita-mix blenders, and more….

Module #7: get a better butt part 2, fast breakfast ideas, protein/carb combining, and more…

Module #8: Thai salad, “Scorpion” stretch, weird vegetables, and more…

Module #9: top 3 exercises on the planet, intermittent fasting, meal replacement powders, and more…

Module #10: TV Workouts, Thanksgiving leftover recipes, Fitness/Nutrition Breakthroughs Video, and more…

Module #11: getting fit for your body type, making popcorn healthy, the 1 Dumbbell Workout, and more…

Module #12: How To Get Thin Without Working Out, shocking fluoride video, “Top 10 Fat Loss Secrets Seminar” powerpoint, video and audio…

NEW – Just Added: Private photo Q&A access to Ben Greenfield’s daily diet!

Surprise Member Videos

We have tons of surprises in store for you. Each month, we’re going to release a brand new, special video inside the Inner Circle. These videos will be much like the 4 free videos you may have seen in our Inner Circle information pages – including cooking and cleaning supply demonstrations, healthy activities to do with family or kids, guided video trips to the grocery store, health education tips and tricks for the home, and much more! It will be like opening a brand new gift each month – and these videos will be primarily based on our forum discussions and hot topics in the Inner Circle member Q&A and live webinars!

Inner Circle Bonus Video Screenshot

100% Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee

We totally mean it. We’re so convinced that this will be non run-of-the-mill information that will transform your life and be both practical and easy-to-implement, if you join the Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, and are not 100% satisfied with your experience for the first 30 days, we will provide a complete refund. We are not interested in special online “tricks” or ways to get money from you. We want to form a complete family and relationship built on trust, and are completely committed to the health and lifestyle success of both you and your family.


We Guarantee That When It Comes To Your Health, Your Body and Your Family, This Will Be The Smartest Move You’ve Ever Made…

…and you’re probably wondering exactly what it will take to get you inside the Inner Circle now. When we made this commitment to provide this service to you, we had a very frank discussion about how we wanted to structure your access to the Inner Circle, and here is what we decided:

#1: We want to keep your Inner Circle family small, so that we can focus on the quality of our commitment to you. So we’re only opening the Inner Circle to 500 people.

#2: We want to make this easy for you, even if you’re on a budget, so even though inside the Inner Circle we’re going to teach you how to save tons of money on everything from cooking to cleaning to fitness to medical expenses, we’ve decided to open the doors for just $10.

That’s right.

The entire Inner Circle, and all the bonus items listed above, are all yours, instantly, now, for a 14 day, one dollar trial. Once you get in, you’ll get full member benefits, 24-7 forum access to Ben & Jessa, interactive video webinars, every module in the Body Transformation Club – EVERYTHING – for $1. This is your chance to test drive the Inner Circle for 14 days with zero risk!

That’s right…when you click here you get access to everything for $10.

After your one dollar, 14 day trial, you get to stay in the Inner Circle for $10 a month. And yes, that continues to include all the benefits listed on this page!

Questions? Simply e-mail [email protected] or leave your comments and questions below.