Inner Circle Members Area

January 2-8, 2016 Workout

Monday Morning:

3 rounds of:

  • 5 minute trampoline with breathhold and nasal breathing practice
  • Handstand walks to wall x 10
  • Handstand pop-ups x 10
  • HanDstand side to side walks x 20 feet
  • Finished with dry skin brushing in sauna and cold plunge

Monday Afternoon:

Upper Body Push:

  • Loaded Pushup (Super Slow with body weight, feet on stability ball)
  • Torso Twists

Upper Body Pull:

  • Weighted Pull-up or Super Slow Pull-Up
  • Banded Side to Side Walks

Lower Body Push:

  • Front Squat
  • Mountain Climbers

Lower Body Pull:

  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Walking Lunge

Tuesday Morning:

6x a 4 minutes uphill treadmill walk followed by 30 second sprint after each walk. Practice nasal breathing.

3x circuit (as explosively as possible) of:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Superman
  • Sandbell pulls
  • Burpees
  • Horizontal pull-ups with suspension strap
  • Farmer’s walk with keg

Tuesday Afternoon:

  • Kundalini in infrared sauna with cold plunge

Wednesday Morning:

5 rounds of:

  • 100 trampoline jumps
  • Plate walks – back to wall
  • Little Big style setups
  • Handstand shoulder taps

Finish with Infrared sauna, yoga, skin brushing.

Wednesday Afternoon:

1 hour tennis lesson

Thursday Morning:

4 rounds of:

  • Superslow pushup (legs on stability ball)
  • Superslow pullup (med ball between knees)
  • Superslow goblet squat with kettlebell
  • Superslow reverse hypers

Finish with infrared sauna and dry brushing.

Thursday Afternoon:

1 hour easy walk (long day of travel, so canceled anything harder than that)

Friday Morning:

4 rounds of:

  • 2 min trampolining
  • 5 to 50ft of handstand walk
  • 10 strict toes to bar
  • 10 plate walks – wall or freestanding

Friday Afternoon:

Did power but played with something different than complex sets:

6 rounds of:

  • 30s Swings – Plank
  • 30s Sledgehammer – Plank
  • 30s Chainsaw – Plank
  • 30s Fast Torso Twists/side – Plank
  • 30s Sprint – Plank
  • 30s Battlerope – Plank

Saturday Morning:

30 min AMRAP of:

  • Handstand walk
  • 3x rope climb
  • Burpees
  • Plank Taps

30 min:

  • Hypoxic swim repeats in cold water

Saturday Afternoon:

  • 30 minute walk with nasal breathing and breath holds

Traveling, so today turned into less of a “detox / cleanse day” and more of a “choose your own adventure day”.

Sunday Morning:

5 rounds of:

  • Heavy bag rapid fire punches 60 seconds with nasal breathing only
  • 1 minute jump rope with breath held as long as possible
  • 50 mountain climbers nasal breathing only
  • 5 heavy medicine ball “Around The Worlds” to each side

Finish with 10 minutes hypoxic swim repeats

Sunday Afternoon:

  • 1 hour gymnastics training (private lesson in LA)
  • 1/2 walk to Whole Foods for groceries (walk with box breathing the whole time: 4 in/4 hold/4 out/4 hold)