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week of 10/4 workouts

Monday: 30 min yoga, 60 min swim and sauna routine
Tuesday: 30 minute amrap of rope, sandbag carry, burpees. 30 sauna. 30 yoga.
Wednesday: travel day, got into Philly late, did night run at Lydiard pace, 75 min
Construction behind hotel and found bricks and "closed" pool. ;) 90 minutes of 2 minutes cold pool plunge to brick deadlift + brick squat + brick overhead press + 15 min Lydiard pace. 15-25 reps for bricks
Morning 1 hour workout with my buddies. Mashup of stair sprints, burpees, squats, push-ups, lunge jumps, pull-ups and partner carries. Intense. Spent rest of day hot and hr high racing cars.
Mostly race car driving + 30 minute cold water and hypoxia sets
Morning 30 min run tempo pace 
Hotel room workout of bed deadlifts, coffee table dips, burpees, lunge holds 60s / side, dive bomber push-ups, front plank rotations. Amrap for 60 min. Then 90 minutes paintball. Solid day.