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week of 11/23 workouts

Sun, 11/23: 5×5 workout with Hunter McIntyre: 5 sets of 5 reps of: -Barbell Squat -Hang Clean -Bench Press -Push Press -Sandbag Clean & Jerk Finish with 30 minute hard Mountain Bike ride. Mon, 11/24: At vacation on Long Beach, ran 1 mile to beach for 6 rounds of: -30 burpees -30 leg levers -10 pullups Ran home. Tue, 11/25: At vacation on Long Beach, took kids for bike ride and finished with 100 burpees. Wed, 11/26: At vacation on Long Beach, Morning: ran to beach with wife and did 5x stair sprints with 30 dips at top of each sprint, ran home. Afternoon: took kids for hike and finished with 30 minutes of yoga. Thu, 11/27: At vacation on Long Beach: Morning: ran to beach and did 10x stair sprints with 10 pushups at the top of each, then got in water for 10 minute hard swim. Out of water, got heavy sandbag and did beach sandbag carry for 1 mile. Afternoon: 1 hour walk with breath hold practice Fri, 11/28: Easy run to beach and 30 minute easy cold water swim before flying out of Long Beach Sat, 11/29: Barbell Complex: 5x: Power Clean to Front Squat to Overhead Press to Back Squat x 5 2 minutes Bike Finisher circuit: -Monkey Bar Pull-Ups -Kettlebell Swings -Crawl Extensions