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week of 2/1 workouts

Sun, 2/1: 90 minute indoor gym circuit of: 2 minutes treadmill, 500m row, 2 minute dumbbell farmer’s walk, 10x hex bar deadliest, 10x overhead press, 10x pull-ups, 60 second vibration platform isometric squat hold Mon, 2/2: 90 minutes four wheel riding in desert in Dubai Tue, 2/3: Off day, travel. 30 minute hard run before getting on airplane. Wed, 2/4: 30 minutes yoga 90 minutes tennis match Thu, 2/5: 5×5 workout as: Deadlift Squat Clean Push Press Superslow pushups Mobility work such as foam rolling, arm reaches, leg swings, etc. after each set. Went heavy. Used a finisher of a 3 mile cycling time trial at maximum sustainable pace for aerobic movement when fatigued. Fri, 2/6: 60 minutes DDP Yoga Sat, 2/7: 90 minutes rounds of 5 minute hill run, 30 burpees, 100m sandbag carry, 10 kettle bell rows per side. Lots of repetition on this one! Sun, 2/8: Off-day, woodchopping, some bow shooting