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week of 2/15 workouts

Sun, 2/15: 1 hour snowshoe snowboarding Mon, 2/16: 30 minutes yoga on the golf course 60 minutes of the following circuit: -500m row -5x deadlift -2 min max elliptical -3 turkish get-ups per side -1 min battle rope -10 horizontal pullups -2 min bike -10 overhead press Tue, 2/17: Circuit of: -5 minute stairclimb -5x clean and jerk -5x side plank rotations with 25lb barbell -20x front plank taps -20x side monster walks per side -20x mountain climbers -10x stability ball inverted pushups Wed, 2/18: 30 minutes cold/hot swim (8 minutes cold swimming, 2 minutes hot tub, 3x/through) 60 minutes doubles tennis Thu, 2/19: 30 yoga 60 circuit of: -Cinder block carries -30 Burpees -20x Sandbag walking lunges -20x Sandbag Deadlifts -5x Sandbag thrusters -Shoot 3 arrows -Hill sprint Fri, 2/20: 90 minute weighted hike with boys Sat, 2/21: 90 minutes obstacle course