Inner Circle Members Area

Week of 5/3 Workouts

Sun, 5/3:

At hotel:

Hotel staircase (15 floors), 30 burpees, elevator down, staircase, 25 burpees, elevator down, staircase, 20 burpees, elevator down, staircase, 15 burpees, elevator down, staircase, 10 burpees, elevator down. 

Headed to planet fitness gym by hotel.  20min Lydiard pace run on the treadmill, 45lb weight plate farmer's walk (one in each hand) x 2min, lunges x 30 w/25lb dumbbell in each hand, farmers walk x 90sec, repeat lunges, farmers walk x 60sec, repeat lunges.  20min Lydiard pace run.  *We don't want any of the workout to feel like race pace.  Stay Lydiard (fast but comfortable).

Mon, 5/4:

This is a time trial: Run up x 1, sandbag carry while wearing 50lb weight vest (sandbag in the 30-50lb range depending on what you have) x 1, run up x 1. 8min rest in between w/slow jog back down. Leave the sandbag/vest at the top after the weighted rep. 

Also, 10 minute cold soak and 20 minutes in my Normatec boots after this workout. Also 20 minutes of foam rolling this morning.

Tue, 5/5: 

50min Lydiard pace run: every 10min – pull ups x 8, 10sec static hang, pull-up x 1, 10sec static hang.  Immediately when finished, spear throw x 2, single leg RDL's x 10 (5 each leg), continue repeating x 8 sets of spear/RDL's.

Wed, 5/6:

Doubles tennis match.

Thu, 5/7: 30 minute easy run, 20 minutes yoga

Fri, 5/8: 15 minute easy run, 15 minute cold water swim, 20 minutes yoga

Sat, 5/9: Spartan Beast

Sun, 5/10: Spartan Sprint