Inner Circle Members Area

week of 5/31 workouts

Sun, 5/31:

Morning 30 minute swim with rounds of 3 laps hypoxic underwater, 3 laps breath restricted freestyle

30 minutes yoga in airport

Mon, 5/1:

Recovery morning – 60 yoga

Afternoon: 5 rounds of –

-Kettlebell Swings

-Bosu Ball Mountain Climbers

-Jump Pullups with Slow Lower

-Reverse Hypers

-1 minute isometric squat

-10 burpees

Tue, 6/2:

60min Lydiard.  Every 5min mark: broad jump x 10, burpees x 10, split squat jumps x 10.  2nd phase: 45lb farmer's walk x 2min, pull-ups x 8, 10sec hang, pull-up x 1, 10sec hang, pull-up x 1, continue until you can no longer complete the hang and pull-up.  Rest x 2min (Plank w/hip circles x 20 during rest), repeat pull-up cycle, plank w/hip circles x 20

Wed, 6/3:

Travel day. Off

Thu, 6/4: 

60 minute run on farm trails with stop every 10 minutes for 10 burpees

Fri, 6/5:

Morning: Row x 500m, burpees x 10, 60lb thrusters with log x 10, 45lb weight plate farmer's carry or rock carry x 60sec, pull-ups x 5, 10sec hang, pull-up x 1, 10sec hang, plank w/hip circles x 10, push-ups x 10, walking one legged RDL's x 10.  This completes 1 round.  Continue for a total of 8 rounds.  The RDL's is your only break period.  Tie everything together as tight as possible.   

Sat, 6/6:

Morning: Morning: 30 yoga