Inner Circle Members Area

week of 5/7 workouts

Sun, 6/7:

30/20/10 – 30sec slightly under Lydiard pace, 20sec slightly above Lydiard pace, 10sec sprint, repeat.  Continue repeating for a total of 10 rounds.  The moment you finish 10th, burpees x 15 & split squat jumps x 20.  This completes 1 full round.  Continue for a total of 3 rounds.   10 pull-ups after the split squat jumps. 

Afternoon: 60 minute hike with kids.

Mon, 6/8:

Morning: 60 second keg carry, 10 burpees, shoot 20 yards, 5 burpees, shoot 35 yards. 10 Sandbag shoulder to overhead press. AMRAP for 30 minutes.

Afternoon: 15min time trial on incline trainer.  Max elevation gain in 15min. Did 15% for 15 min and covered 1.36 miles. Immediately after, progressed 30% incline w/50lb sandbag x 5min, 5min run outside to include, spear throw x 1, tarzan swing x 2, rope climb x 1.  This completes 1 round.  Continue for a total of 4 rounds. Finished with 15 minutes cold pool and 20 minutes Normatec boots.

Tue, 6/9:

On incline trainer:

8 min at 20%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%. In between each 8 minute bout, 10 pull-ups, 10 front plank rotations

Wed, 6/10:

Morning: 30 min foam roller, 30 min yoga

Afternoon: Starting at Argonne, 95% of all out effort on 10% incline, slow jog down, bound up half the distance, slow jog down.  This completes 1 round.  Continue repeating for a total of 10 rounds. Move to Sandbag snatch (50lb if you have it) x 20, tire flip  10, snatch x 18, tire flip x 9, 16/8, 14/7, 12/6, 10/5.


60m lydiard appx 20, 40, & 60min mark of run – 45lb weight plate farmer's walk x 90sec, pull-up x 1, 10sec hang, continue until you're forced to drop, farmer's x 60sec, repeat pull-up cycle.


Off day, easy 5 mile hike with kids.


60min Lydiard pace run. Every 10min: split squat jumps x 20, pull-ups 1, 10sec hang, continue until forced to drop, push-ups x 20, plank w/hip circles x 20. 


four hours chopping wood and hauling wood