Inner Circle Members Area

week of 7/19


Did a half hour circuit at nearby park of grip work on pullup bar, planking, burpees and a short 15 min run.

Easy bike ride along embarcadero


Morning: 5 minute sandbag walk, 5 minute recovery walk. 20% incline. Hypoxic mask.


Hypoxic training: 12 sprints x 20sec w/60sec recovery. 4 incline, 4 at 30%, & 4 at 40%. During 60sec break, you'll change speed and % incline as necessary. Stay on the treadmill and keep moving during 60sec break period.

After sprints: Keg carry to pull-ups to 2x arrow shots with 5 burpees between each

Finisher: Hypoxic swim


Full body foam rolling session with TrainingMask and 10 burpees after foam rolling each body part

Afternoon: Tennis


20 seconds hard, 10 seconds easy at 20%, 30%, & 40% for 4 reps at each incline. Transitioned to 45 minutes of obstacle course running.

60 minutes yoga


1/2 hour of incline walking on treadmill and sandbag carries

2 hour mountain bike class


Easy circuit of 1 minute treadmill running in between rounds of front plank rotations, pull-ups, reverse hypers, push-ups with rotation and wall sits

30 minutes paddleboarding


Practice hypoxic breathing in cold water for 2 minutes, then climb out and complete an exercise, jump back into water, move to next exercise, continue repeating. Exercises: burpees x 20, push-ups x 20, farmer's walk carry x 60sec, run x 60sec, sandbell box squats x 20, plank w/hip circles x 20, pull-ups x 10


Easy shooting and obstacle course