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Week of 7/21 workouts

Monday, 7/21: Off/recover/massage

Tuesday, 7/22: 5x hill sprints at 2 minutes 800m sandbag carry 5 rounds of: 10 tire flips max time pull-up hang 10 box jumps 50 flutter kicks

Wednesday, 7/23: max pullups max sit-ups in 3 min (min 90) max pushups in 3 min (80) 3 mile timed run (min 22:30) 800m timed swim (min 14:30) With remaining time: Squat + bench + power clean + overhead press, x5

Thursday, 7/24 mixed doubles with wife

Friday, 7/25 Ride bike to obstacle course and do 5 rounds of: -Rope climb -Monkey Bars -Dips -Wall Traverse Climbs -Burpees -Chain Drags Ride home

Saturday, 7/26: Elliptigo to gym for quick Doug McGuff “Body By Science” workout of: 1 set each super slow: chest press seated row shoulder press lat pulldown Smith Squat Elliptigo home

Sunday, 7/27: 2hr hike with weighted vest