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week of 8/16 workouts

90 minute mountain bike ride finished with 15 minutes infrared sauna yoga.
Hypoxic training: 12 high tempo intervals x 30sec w/60sec recovery. 4 at 20% incline, 4 at 30%, & 4 at 40%, followed by sandbell bent rows 50 reps, farmer's walk x 30sec, 40reps, farmer's x 30sec, 30reps, farmer's x 30sec, 20reps, farmer's x 30sec, 10reps, farmer's x 30sec.
Morning: 30 minutes foam roller with lots of burpees in between.
Afternoon: 6min tempo pace run, sandbag box squats x 20, burpees x 20, sandbag lunges x 20, pull-ups x 10, plank w/hip circles x 20, this completes 1 round.  Continue repeating for a total of 6 rounds.
30% on inclined treadmill for 45min.  10-15min, 25-30min, & 40-45min portions of this workout carried a 40lb sandbell. Finished up with 20 minute aerobic run, then 30 minutes in infrared sauna for yoga.
Football field – 100yd run, burpees x 5 (in the end zone), immediately run back x 100yd, burpees x 5, continue repeating until completed 54 runs & 270 burpees.  Finished with 5×10 tire flips and 30 minutes infrared sauna.
Woke up tired and sore. Called an audible and didn’t run, and did the Elliptigo instead. Did 7×4 minute hill climbs on road by house. ~2 minute recoveries. Finished with 30 minutes infrared.
Off. Lots of walking/active at army base though.
Morning: woke up and did tough 4 mile tempo mix of trails and roads outside my house. Followed it up with 30 minutes pretty intense/hot yoga in sauna.
Afternoon: Ran 9 miles, finished with 1 mile cold water swim.