Inner Circle Members Area

week of 8/2 workouts

Morning: 30 minutes foam rolling with TrainingMask
Afternoon: 1 mile Lydiard pace with hypoxico, 2x sandbag carries for six rounds
Training with US Army: ran incline steps in Colorado, then trail run back down
90 minute mountain bike ride with elevation training mask and stops every 15 minutes for 30 burpees
Sandbags down driveway and up driveway.
10 pullups.
Cinder blocks down driveway and up driveway.
10 burpees.
Sprint down driveway and up driveway.
10 deadlifts
Keg carry down driveway and up driveway.
Recover with 30 leg levers. Repeat as AMRAP for 60 minutes
Incline treadmill x 60min.  0-10min 20%, 10-20min 30%, 20-40min 40%, 40-50min 30%, 50-60min 20%
30 minutes shooting bow
Infrared sauna yoga, 15 minutes followed by cold water swim 15 minutes
Church camp:
30 minute mountain bike ride, 30 minute cold water swim
Church camp:
60 minute mountain bike ride, an hour of paddle boarding
Church camp: easy 60 minute trail run