Inner Circle Members Area

week of 9/3 workouts

Mon 9/8: Off – sauna/hypoxia/foam roller

Tue, 9/9: 5 rounds of: 300m uphill sandbag carry 5x sandbag clean and jerk 30x tire sledgehammer hits 30x leg levers 10x burpees

Wed, 9/10: 90 minute tennis match

Thu, 9/11: Ride bike to river. Stand in river with 10x overhead press and 10x folded dollar bills, then run loop. 5x through. Bike home. Then with elevation training mask, rounds of: -100m Vasatrainer -30 burpees -20KB swings -10 manmakers

Fri, 9/12: -Obstacle course practice: -Sandbag or rock carry -Bike with mask -Traverse wall -Bike with mask -Rope climb -Bike with mask -TRX Suspended Row -Bike with mask -Chain Drag -Bike with mask -Hill runs to spear throw

Sat, 9/13: -45 minutes cardio tennis class -6×5 Clean and Jerk —> box jump —> 250 row