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week of October 11 workouts

Oct 11, Saturday: Ironman Hawaii Oct 12, Sunday: 30 Yoga Easy walk Oct 13, Monday: Rounds for Time (60 minutes total) 5x Hypoxia sets underwater 25x Pool pull-outs Farmer’s Walk to Failure with both water jugs Overhead Press to Failure with one water jug Single Arm Row to Failure with one water jug for both side 10x Spiderman Push-ups 30 minutes Yoga Oct 14, Tuesday: 90 minute bike ride up Kona Coast Oct 15, Wednesday: 5×5: Deadlift Squat Clean And Jerk Benchpress with Dumbbells Pull-ups Oct 16, Thursday: -30 minutes morning mobility work and yoga -60 minute easy bike ride Oct 17, Friday: -Battle Ropes circuit ***all with battle ropes*** -Double slam -Squat to overhead press -Side Slam -Rope Burpees Finisher: 5×5 Sandbag Clean & Jerk Oct 18, Saturday: -5 hours chopping wood and chainsawing trees