Inner Circle Members Area

Week of of 5/10 workouts

Sun, 5/10: Spartan Sprint Mon, 5/11: Easy 60 minute aerobic run with soak in river afterwards Tue, 5/12: Morning: keg carry x 60sec, weight plate farmer’s walk x 60sec, sandbag snatch/squat/press/throw x 20. Continue repeating but drop snatch/squat/press/throw down to 18/16/14/12/10 for sets Afternoon: 54 repeats of 100m, with 5 burpees after each. Wed, 5/13: Sick, off. Thu, 5/14: Still sick. 30 minutes yoga. Fri, 5/16: 45min Lydiard pace run on varied terrain. When finished: sandbell lunges x 100, pull-ups x 10, static hang x 20sec SB lunges x 80, pull-ups x 8, hang x 20sec, lunges x 60, pull-ups x 6, hang x 20sec lunges x 40, pull-ups x 4, hang x 20sec lunges x 20, pull-ups x 2, hang x 20sec. Sat, 5/17: 60 minute Lydiard pace run, stopping every 5 minutes for 5 burpees, 10 hip plank rotations, 15 broad jumps.