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week of Sep 27 workouts

Morning: woke up and did tough 4 mile tempo mix of trails and roads outside my house. Followed it up with 30 minutes pretty intense/hot yoga in sauna.
Afternoon: Ran 9 miles, finished with 1 mile cold water swim.
Week of Sep 27 (taper week for Spartan World Championships):
Morning: 3×5 minute hypoxic hill climbs with 5 minute sandbag carry after each
Afternoon: 3×5 minute hypoxic treadmill tempo runs with 2 spear throws, 1 rope climb and 10 pull-ups after each
Morning: Easy morning walk, and then 30 minute AMRAP of 1 minute run, 15 burpees, 30 battle-rope reps, 60 seconds monkey bars, front plank rotations
Afternoon: 30 minutes foam rolling, 30 minutes infrared sauna
Off/travel day
2 hour hike with kids
Spartan Beast
Spartan Sprint